Part 1 | MyFitnessPal Setup for Keto Macros

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Below are some valuable tips and tricks to configuring the MyFitnessPal (MFP) to work for the ketogenic diet without signing up for Premium. We will go through adding the fiber column to your diary summary. A computer will be required for what I will explain next but even if you don’t have a computer, go through adding the fiber column so it will be available in your diary and you can easily do the net carb math.  Next we walkthrough adding an extension to your Google Chrome Browser to enable setting and tracking your macros by grams (a Premium feature), which then shows up on the mobile app.
In Part 2 of our MFP Guides will go through adding two more Google Chrome extensions that will allow you to see a calculated “Net Carb” total in your Carb Column and it also edits the summary of the Food Diary’s pie chart to reflect the Net Carb information within the Google Chrome Browser. The final extension will allow you to export any of your data from MFP, also a Paid Premium feature.

Before we get started you will need:

1. On your phone, download the MyFitnessPal App from the App Store
2. On your computer, download the Google Chrome Browser

Adding the Fiber Column

Since MFP doesn’t allow us the only track Net Carb, having the Fiber grams you consume visible is pertinent.

Once you are signed up, head over to the MyFitnessPal website as the setting we are about to change can only be accessed there. Not on the mobile app, you must use your Internet Browser either Mobile or Computer.

Login to the MyFitnessPal website.

  1. Starting from the “My Home” tab, click “Settings”
  2. Then “Diary Settings”
    low carb mfp setup

———— OR ————

    1. Go to the “Food” tab.
    2. Then “Settings”
    3. Under the “Nutrients Tracked” section, from the drop down options, change the selections to Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Fiber, & Sodium.
    4. Optional: Share your Food Diary! Under the “Diary Sharing” section, consider at least sharing your meals with “Friends Only.” I know sometimes when I’m looking for some meal ideas, I go directly to my MFP friends’ diaries for inspiration.
    5. Hit the “Save Changes Button” or else all these steps you just did were for practice.
      keto macros myfitnesspal setup

Ta-da! The Fiber Column will now be visible on your mobile app also. Remember, in order to see all the columns you are tracking the phone has to be in the “Diary” & in Landscape Mode.
iphone keto mfp setup

Adding the Chrome Extension to Enable Tracking Macros by Grams

Download the Google Chrome Browser onto your computer.

    1. Follow this link: Google Chrome Extension Link: Macros by Grams. Once that loads, Then click the “Add To Chrome” button.keto mfp setup chrome
    2. A pop-up will appear at the top of the browser window, click “Add Extension” & your download will begin.myfitnesspal extension chrome
    3. When the download is complete, a confirmation pop-up will appear & the button from Step 1 will turn green & display “Added To Chrome” mfp setup chrome keto macros
    4. Head back over to the MyFitnessPal website & from the “Home” select the “Goals” tab. You will see a change under the “Daily Nutrition Goals” section; there is now “FOODFASTFIT” row with a clickable link “Set Your Goals.” Select “Set Your Goals”set keto goal myfitnesspal
    5. The “FoodFastFit” Dashboard under the “Settings” tab will load. Scroll down to the “MyFitnessPal Macronutrient Goals” section & enter in your macros in the appropriate fields.keto carb fat protein setup mfp
    6. Then select the “Get This Add-On” button. (This is a slight glitch in the extension’s code as the “Save To MyFitnessPal” button should have become available & neither of them are clickable but nevertheless, this does save the macros you have just input.)
    7. Unfortunately, it takes you to the Chrome Web Store with the Extension Page opened up. It will look just like in Step 3. (Again, we just have to head back to MFP’s site.)net carb setup mfp for keto
    8. Back on the MyFitnessPal website, click on the “Food” tab & you will see that “Your Daily Goal” now reflects the grams you had input in Step 5
    9. The “FoodFastFit” Dashboard’s “Save To MyFitnessPal” button will be active going forward when you edit your macros there.view net carbs mfp free

These Macros will now be visible both in your “Goals” tab on the MFP website & on your MFP mobile app.
keto goal setup myfitnesspal

Remember, in order to see the columns, your phone has to be in the “Diary” & in Landscape Mode.
net carbs mfp free iphone

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